Safety At the Playground

Playing It Safe with Your Toddler at the Playground: Circle of Moms: Mary Beth Sammons


For a child, the playground is a world of discovery two slides and a trip across the monkey bars away. For parents, it can seem like a dangerous death trap designed to send them into a stressed-out panic. You want your child to enjoy the pinnacle of the toddler social scene and to stay active in the outdoors, but your child’s safety is your responsibility and always your priority.

Picking the right playground for your children’s ages and abilities, dressing them properly for the outing and teaching them rules and guidelines for appropriate behaviors before they step foot on the jungle gym are easy ways to ensure that both you and your children can relax and enjoy the playground.

For more tips, read “Playing it Safe With Your Toddler at the Playground” by Mary Beth Sammons from Circle of Moms.

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