Get Involved!

There is a documented connection between how successful our kids are and how involved parents and caregivers are in their education.

Fortunately, the Village Early Learning Center boasts some of the most enthusiastic and supportive parents around!

If you’re looking for some ways you can help out, here are just a few ideas:

Village Family Foundation

The Village Family Foundation (VFF) is the non-profit foundation associated with The Village Early Learning Center.  The VFF’s mission is to promote literacy in the Brandon area, enrich the lives of children, facilitate parent/teacher communications, engage parents and support educators, to enhance each student’s growth through education within the school and the community.  This is fulfilled in part through VFF sponsored school and community events. Learn More


In the Classroom

  • Sign up to be a Mystery Reader, a parent chaperone for a field trip, come in to assist on special project days (such as a cooking project or special event).
  • Be a Homeroom Helper to support your child’s class and teacher.


Outside the Classroom

  • Donations of “craft items” such as old magazines and paper towel rolls or other items listed on classroom doors.  Donations of food items for cooking projects.
  • Making play dough for the classroom (We have the simple recipe to give you, and it’s a great activity to do with your child.)
  • Cutting out items from construction paper that the classroom teacher may need for a craft project
  • Participating in the parent advisory committee, called the Village Family Foundation (VFF) and their various projects (Bedtime with Books, International Festival, Teacher Appreciation Week, and applying for grants (for gardens, art, music, and literacy outreach activities, etc.)
  • Helping with fund raisers.

Want to learn more?  Contact us with any ideas of questions you might have!

The Village Family Foundation is on Facebook! Click here to go to our Facebook Page.