Lunch and Snack Menus

  • At The Village Early Learning Center, students enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious healthy foods.
  • To incorporate nutrition in our student menus, we provide a well-balanced meal including milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and grains throughout the day.
  • We use the Child Nutrition (CN) label program from the FDA when ordering our food, and we also use whole wheat products.
  • For vegetarians, we offer a protein alternative. Every day we serve a morning snack, a hot lunch at mid-day, and a snack in the afternoon.
  • Parents are welcome to provide a child’s lunch, but is not necessary to do so.
  • Our meals are prepared fresh each day, and we take pride in our healthy, delicious meals for the students!
  • We serve whole wheat bread/buns, pasta, and crackers. Whole milk is served to toddlers, and 2% milk is served to ages 3 and older. Grapes and hot dogs are cut up for younger children. Celery and salad are not given to infants and toddlers. An alternate vegetable selection is offered.
  • The menu is subject to change.



Click Here to Download the July Lunch Menu for ON CAMPUS students

Click Here to Download the July Lunch Menu for field trips

Click Here to Download the Snack Menu