Education in America: The Great Decline

With national elections in our near future, there has recently been a good deal of discussion about the state of education in the United States.  In 2006, the last year available for worldwide testing statistics, the picture is fairly grim.  The U.S. ranked 33rd in reading, in math we were 27th and in science the U.S. managed rating 22nd.  Korea was first in reading with Finland ranking highest in both math and science.

Nationally, the U.S. has a 30% high school dropout rate.  In Florida, the dropout rate is a staggering 41%.  Clearly these numbers do not bode well for the ability of the U.S. to compete economically around the world or to attract quality employment to Florida.

Providing a strong educational foundation has never been more important for children in this country.  Citizens need to demand more from schools at all levels, particularly middle and high school, where academic content and achievement are truly appalling.  A quick survey of Florida high school curriculums indicate an enormous amount of time spent remediating subjects that should have been learned in middle school.  Even with all of this remediation, Florida schools still cannot produce an acceptable graduation rate.

Please become involved in improving the educational state of the U.S.  Demand quality and accountability from whatever schools your children attend.  Listen to what our political candidates views on education are and cut through the rhetoric to see where they really stand.  You are paying for education either directly through tuition, indirectly through taxation and ultimately you will pay for the type of country you live in.  I think we should get our money’s worth.

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