Back To School

We have had a terrific year at the Village.  The seasonal changes that occur in the Piazza is something you really should not miss.  We started with a Winter Wonderland and bloomed into a lovely Spring motif.  At the start of the Summer, our beach resort was in full swing.  Thanks to our artist-in-residence, Mary Muniz, the Fall scene will be coming soon to surprise us all.

We have formed a Parent Advisory Committee at the Village.  It operates under a recently formed non-profit corporation called The Village Family Foundation.  The Foundation is a tax-deductible entity which will allow the Advisory Committee to apply for grants or other funding that was previously unavailable to The Village Early Learning Center.  The Committee is open to anyone interested in improving early childhood education in our community.  They meet monthly during the school year.  Dates and time are posted on this site, on the check-in computer, on signs in the lobby and on our Facebook page.

One of the first projects of the Parent Advisory Committee was to organize Teacher Appreciation Week last May.  They did a fantastic job of providing a daily gift to our hard-working staff.  Many staff have come to me personally and told me what a great week that was.

The Parent Advisory Committee is rapidly growing in number and their ideas and enthusiasm is very inspiring.  As the new school year starts, you will see opportunities to learn more about this exciting team and how to join if you are so inclined.  We look forward to having an expanding role in charitable events throughout the area and this Committee will be a strong vehicle with which to pursue that goal.

We are welcoming many new families and staff this Fall as the new academic year begins.  We have acquired several top early education teachers and our Voluntary Prekindergarten staff is second to none in the area.  The new year will be filled with excellent academic challenges, fun and surprises.  Thank you for your belief and support of The Village and we look forward to starting the year with you.

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