2019 Summer VPK at The Village ELC

The Village ELC has a vibrant Summer VPK program, featuring a child-centered classroom that encourages active investigation and cooperation. Led by highly qualified professional educators, students experience arts, nature, science, and technology through developmentally appropriate cognitive and social-emotional learning objectives. A top provider of Florida VPK since the introduction of the VPK program, The Village ELC partners with parents to ensure that children graduate Summer VPK with a skillset that will help them arrive at their first day of kindergarten confident and ready to learn.


Seats in the program are limited, and enrollment is ongoing until all seats in the program are filled. Call 813-651-0779 to schedule your tour today, or send us a message, and we will be glad to call you to schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions about Summer VPK at The Village Early Learning Center:


What are the dates for Summer VPK in 2019?

The first day of Summer VPK is Wednesday, June 5, and the last day is July 31, 2019. Class begins each day at 8am and students finish their day at 3:30pm.


What is the tuition cost for Summer VPK?

For students who enroll with a valid VPK certificate, available at elchc.org, the entire cost of tuition is covered by the state of Florida, so the program is essentially FREE. For students who have already used the VPK certificate and would like to enroll in the summer program as well, private-pay options are available as well. Contact us for more information.


Are meals and snacks included?

A nutritious lunch and two healthy snacks (morning and afternoon) are provided at no additional cost. Please advise us if your child has food allergies or restrictions so we can develop a plan to partner with you regarding your child’s nutritional needs. You can view our lunch menu each month on our website.


What is a typical day like?

The best way to learn about the Summer VPK day is to come for a tour. When you come to visit, you will learn about our spacious outdoor areas, including an outdoor classroom, large playground, and outdoor art studio, the classroom, and the piazza (a dynamic learning environment that helps solidify concepts through active investigation and dramatic play). Click here to schedule your tour.


Do you have an app for parent communication?

Yes! You will use the app to log your child’s attendance, and you’ll receive pictures, videos, and notes/reminders/messages through this fun and interactive app.


Do children in Summer VPK go on field trips?

We offer one or more field trips for students in Summer VPK. Field trips are carefully curated with the goal of providing depth and relevance to the concepts that the children encounter during their course of study.


How strict is your attendance policy?

Summer can be a very busy time for families. Please consider the attendance requirements before enrolling your child in Summer VPK. Children enrolled in the VPK program must attend 80% of the instructional time in order to qualify for the free program. This means that no more than eight days of the program can be missed.


How can I learn more about Summer VPK and other programs offered by The Village ELC?

Contact us by phone at 813-651-0779 or send us a message.

Check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IHeartTheVillage/

Explore our website at www.villageelc.com

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